Letter to the editor


November 6, 2018

The Editor of the Globe and Mail
David Walmsley
351 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario M5A 1L1 Canada

Issue:  Need for more education grants.

Audience: Government and educational institutes

Goal:  To capture the attention of the Canadian government toward rising student debts.

Dear David Walmsley,

Although, Canada is a better option for students to study than other countries still students are facing the problem of I increased education loan. An article published in the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reveals that since 1990, average tuition and compulsory fees for undergraduates have increased by 6.2% annually which is three times more than the rate of inflation. The increment in the student debt forces the students to drop out of college instead of taking an education loan.

Students with low income are forced to take a loan or leave their study because of high tuition fee. The burden of loans makes their life very stressful and hectic schedule. Students are unable to make a proper balance between their school and job.

No doubt, this is a national issue and government should take some adequate steps to decline the rate of interest on education loans.  There should be an increase in the number of education grants for the welfare of students.



Baani Cheema
Student Administrative Council
100 Niagara College Blvd., Welland, ON L3C7L3